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The Only smart poker set on the market !

PokerMate's set allow you to play poker how you always have and receive table information for the entire duration of the game.


Every hand is analyzed and recorded by our software.

Access to deep analytics empowers players to truly understand their game and improve like never-before.

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OUR Mission

To be a bridge That connects virtual poker and live poker sessions, Simply put: make it possible for a remote player to join a live table.

by designing and building a Smart poker technology To be displayed on a smart table.

Be at the forefront of software technology regarding player security,

generate trust on money transfers, invest a lot of resources in product design.

And almost above all, Maintain the Gestures of poker and not change any part of the game that we all know and love.

And always try to guess the future.

There will be no more interminable range sessions with no plan other than to play until you acquire decent hands.

The more hands you play with POKER-MATE KIT, the more thorough your data gets.

POKER-MATE empowers poker players by giving unique Improvement Programs tailored to their game. The data is automatically logged, and every session is analyzed and used to develop a customized Improvement Plan adapted to your game.

POKER-MATE isolates your metrics and compares them to ideals—so you can completely comprehend the strong and poor portions of your game—and also gives you condition insights, so you can see how far that play would have gone if the data had not been in your face.

When you fully comprehend what is going on in all of your plays, it becomes much easier to improve.

OUR Vision

Our vision is to find the ideal fusion Between live poker and online poker and create an option to connect a remote player to a live table With  technology and hardware.

 We would like to see our branded currency established as a leading currency in the poker gaming world.

(these days most of the illegal sites are starting to introduce virtual coins aggressively).

The world is on its way to a massive integration of the virtual world into our lives This is inevitable, technology like the one That we are building Will be needed in order to integrate the worlds.

 Our job is to anticipate and prepare the best technology for the times to come.


At the end of the day,

We believe PokerMate will enhance the experience and “Save" the friendly poker game from the impatience of the players.

(Which usually happens)

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